2 weeks left!

2 weeks left!

 We’re almost there everybody!

Overall, my energy has been low and emotions are running high. I definitely have a better understanding of what depleted means with each passing week. This week cut all artificial flavors including my pre-workout. It’s definitely been an adjustment to say the least.
April 7, 2022

Here is the daily recap:
Weight: 129.6 lbs
Macros: I didn’t have meal prep as I spent the afternoon at a baby shower. I did some custom ordering and brought my own snacks. It is hard to pass up delicious looking food and a dessert table but I did manage to exercise discipline.
Notes: Full rest day with no gym activities
Weight: 129.0 lbs
Macros: Abs we’re back after some sashimi and rice for dinner that were within my macros.
Notes: Cardio + abs + posing
Weight: 128.4 lbs
Macros: Heavy carb day but low fat. I enjoyed a great deal of dry, boring carbs but I was incredibly happy.
Notes: Bye bye powders including pre-workout, BCAA and creatine. Working out without pre is definitely a new experience after using it for 6 months.
Weight: 128.4 lbs (this shocked me given the +100g of carbs)
Macros: Back to the breakdown and I woke up hungry.
Notes: I felt great working out my back and biceps. My abs were popping today and cardio was easier. It seems that I sweat more on the treadmill post carb loading. Can someone explain this to me? The power of carbs is truly amazing. Day 2 without pre-workout was easier but I miss it.
Weight: 128.4 lbs (3rd day in a row)
Macros: Hungry AF. I craved carbs and sugar all day.
Notes: Lifting rest day but did cardio and abs. Cardio went fast. I had a posing lesson with Tamara. We made several little adjustments today including popping up my hip, my hand positioning and my exit walk. I absolutely adore her and seeing her always recharges me.
Posing lesson with Tamara on April 6, 2022

Weight: 129 lbs (different scale)
Macros: My cravings for sugar were very intense. It’s been hard for me to hit my protein target without my protein shake. I am eating a lot of egg whites and oatmeal these days.
Notes: I am tired and felt sad today. The grocery store was out of rice cakes and I started crying on my knees when I arrived at the bare shelves. It was just for a second but I definitely was irrationally emotional. Whoopsies.
I worked out in person with my coach to train shoulders and triceps. We reduced to 3 sets today vs 4 that we’ve been doing for months. 25 lbs for shoulder press felt very heavy today. Shoulder workout
I met with Nic and Austin in person for check-in and to finalize our peak week plan.
Weight: unknown (traveling)
Macros: Flat as heck but it was heavy carb day! My abs were popping by mid afternoon.
Notes: Glutes and quads, toned down version training with Austin. It was a relatively easy lift but I struggled on the hip thrust at normal weight. Quad workout
Folks, there’s nothing dramatic planned for Peak Week. I’ve put in the work and our strategy has been to be ready early in effort to avoid an intense dash to the finish line. The next week is about recovery, keeping the blood pumping and fine tuning posing. It will be an interesting change of pace but I’m excited.
The only things I’ve heard about Peak Week have been very intense and negative. I am very hungry and craving a lot of interesting things (predominately sugar) but our plan sounds nothing like stories I’ve heard. Again, I'm super grateful for my coaches who got me ready early.
“It’s so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making small improvements on a daily basis. Too often, we convince ourselves that massive success requires mass action.” - Atomic Habits
To most, “the show” is the defining moment but the reality is that I am more proud of what I’ve done every day for the past 9 months to get me to this point. This is why I say that the outcome of the show doesn’t matter. Yes, everyone wants to win but all of my compounded small improvements have changed the trajectory of my life.
Up next: PEAK WEEK
Bicep Blonde
Trainer / Coach: Austin Meason
Nutrition Coach: Nic Durso
Posing CoachTamara Jordan
Shoes + Bracelets: The Shoe Fairy
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