Accountability & Consistency

Accountability & Consistency

I can tell you everything that I did to lose weight and transform (oh wait, I already did! Link here to "How did I do it?") but to be truly successful, you must be consistent in all aspects of your nutrition, weight training and cardio.

Consistency is key. If you only lift or do cardio, you will not have the same results. If you don’t change your diet, you will not lose significant weight. It is the combined efforts compounded over time that yield results. If you choose to count macros, lift on a schedule and spend some time walking on the treadmill 6 days a week, you can radically change. 

How did I go from eating every meal out and not working out to a beast? It didn’t happen overnight. It happened in stages (outlined here). So we know what we have to do but how do we make ourselves do it? The desire has to come within. If you don’t want to change, it will not happen. If you want it and you prioritize it, you will do it. Trust the process and learn to enjoy the stages.

Once I was finally ready to commit, it was game on. It took me years to want to change and then a few months to decide I was ready to give it everything I could. I am incredibly task oriented so I created a daily checklist. It was simple at first but if you’re competing, the daily tasks add up quickly.

The checklist keeps me organized, highlights any areas of inconsistency and provides a record of how much work I put in. I highly recommend keeping records of your efforts regardless of your goals. Write it out on the calendar or use a digital option. Track it and help your brain establish the new routine. You are creating new habits and prioritizing your new lifestyle so use whatever tools you can to make it easier. Celebrate your victories and keep looking forward.

How to to create a checklist in iPhone notes:

  • Add columns
    • Click on chart and select 3 dots on the top (vertical)
  • Add rows
    • Click on chart and select the 3 dots on the left (horizontal )

I save a blank template version that I copy and paste with new dates each week.


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What exactly is lipoxyderm and waist trainer and what purpose do they serve? Thanks!

Leigh Bloomfield

Seriously! I did not know I could do that in notes. Game changer!


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