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When I decided to document my journey, I also made the decision that I would not filter or edit my content to misrepresent how I look. If you have followed me for a while I don’t have to tell you that I don’t know how to pose and I’m an expert at awkward angles.

Sometimes I wish I knew how to do that glute pose with your back leg pointed behind you but alas I just candidly film. Everyone gets to see my eye wrinkles and dark circles, forehead lines (when the Botox wears away) and the body that I’ve built.

As my mother says “growing old is a privilege” so I’m learning to accept the lines and cosmetically address the ones that I want. When it comes to my body, I am proud of what I’ve built and I genuinely don’t feel I need to make it look any different than it does. I don’t wear clothes that enhance my booty and prefer videos to truly capture my current physique.

I love my body as-is but I also love knowing I can keep developing it. I truly have fallen in love with the process. Nothing is more gratifying than recognizing your progress. Nothing has made me feel more accomplished than setting a goal for ME, not someone else or a company, and far exceeding what I set out to do. I now view discipline as the highest form of self-care and self-respect. You can’t buy what I’ve done and you’ll only have it, if you choose to work as hard.

Anyway, back to our original topic, there are a few reasons why I am against editing when it comes to my content. You do you when it comes to making this call but I will explain why I do what I do. I am not saying one way is right but this is how I will continue to publish my content.


I am confident. I genuinely do not care what you or anyone else thinks about my body. I know the difference between a bad angle or poor lighting but I also know what my body looks like in real life. This is all about me.


I refuse to look different in person when people meet me. I’ve had a few situations already where I’ve met people in person to be told I am “even better in person.” This is a great compliment!

I see enough people on social media that “enhance” their appearance through editing, clothes and angles. They look completely different in real life. In particular, people in fitness that do this annoy me. I recognize that this is part of “the game” but people are looking up to you and inspiring to build the body that you’re showcasing. It’s not real and I view this as false advertising.


When I look at younger generations, I can’t help but feel bad for the modeled behavior they are witnessing. Grown adults won’t post pictures without editing or need to take 50 pictures to get a “good one.” I am grateful that I only grew up with disposable camera selfies in high school and graduated to a digital camera in college. I want to model confident, secure behaviors and reduce the pressure of perceived perfection. “Just think about the children” comes to mind. But seriously, we need to….


I don’t have the time to portray a perfectly curated world. It’s hard enough to produce content part-time with no compensation. I cannot imagine the time commitment and pressure to always look 100%.

I will admit that how I view social media has evolved since changing my lifestyle. My tolerance has changed. Take action if you’re not happy with how you look. Work on your mental health and accepting who you are if you’re miserable every day. Stop complaining and pretending. Why do you need to filter if you truly are happy inside and out?

I don’t believe that using a filter pegs you as insecure or not confident but I do encourage us to think about the why behind it. Why can’t we post as-is and be natural? What are the long-term psychological effects of seeing yourself with edited features?

You know my why and only you know yours. Do what makes you happy and comfortable. If your why is because you don’t see yourself as beautiful and worthy, I encourage you to explore this. Editing won’t resolve this issue.

Instead of angling, I eat healthy and I’ve truly accepted my body. Instead of using filters when I have no makeup or just worked out, I choose to let the world see me as me. Instead of wearing scrunch butt leggings, I spend hours lifting to build my glutes, documenting my progress and celebrating my gains. The process and improvement bring me joy, not shame about where i started.

My happiest self to-date has been becoming a woman that is unapologetically authentic. My transformation changed my body but the mental evolution has been life changing. I have developed the discipline to accomplish anything that I want and now have the confidence to know I can.

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