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Counting macros: one year recap

If you follow me closely I must sound like a repetitive parrot but I must continue to repeat the same message for those that are new and for those that have not been listening. And for the record, this depleted bird is dying for a cracker. I am one week out from my 4th Bikini show and my new coach’s prep “ain’t for sissies” as my grandfather would say (forgive me, it took me 5 weeks to finally post this!)

First off, reminder, prepping for a bodybuilding show is not healthy. A bodybuilding show physique is temporary and things are done to intentionally manipulate the body to reduce fat and water in effort to better showcase the muscle. The prep and show look is not a lifestyle look. It is very difficult, even as a competitor, to not compare but you must put your racehorse blinders on and only focus on YOU.

When I talk about my transformation I specifically count the months when I started being consistent in the gym and counting macros to my first show cut. I worked out 9 months consistently, 5x a week plus 20 min of cardio (8% incline at 3.2 mph) for this time period. I lost around 5 lbs after working out for 3 months last summer. In October, I started counting macros and this is when I actually lost significant weight. I shed 2-3 lbs a week for several months.

I started my journey at 167 lbs and stabilized at 132 before I began my cut in March. I was 159 lbs when I started following macros.

Hands down, if you are looking to change your body, start with food. My body composition changed when I focused only on exercise but I was shocked what happened when I gave up eating like crap. I spent my entire life believing my physical activity compensated for poor nutrition. I know I would have been a better athlete had I been properly educated and I also believe I would have minimized postpartum weight gain if I had already established healthy habits. We cannot change the past but I can spread the word on what I’ve learned.

When I started counting macros I didn’t know what they were so I googled it: Protein, fat and carbs. These components of food then drove my caloric intake. I was given a baseline number for each and then figured out what I could eat. This was the 'macro puzzle' and it took time to figure out what was best for my body. My initial breakdown ended up being what we used the entire time (not always the case but for me it worked).

Protein: 120g

Fat: 50g

Carbs: 200g

Calories: ~1730

Height: 5’6”

Activity: 5x lift + 5x cardio at 20 min per week



  • Establish baseline macros by providing honest data (weight, height, activity level and goals)

    • Hire a nutritionist or dietician

    • Or use an online calculator

  • Follow baseline for a few weeks

    • If you are consistent and you have results you may not need to make adjustments

    • If you are not consistent, you cannot deem it unsuccessful or make modifications until you follow the baseline

  • While I did not follow %’s by meal, I do recommend eating carbs evenly throughout the day. 20-30g carbs per meal/snack to avoid insulin spikes

  • Protein keeps you fuller longer

Benefits that I’ve experienced:

    • Weight loss

    • Fat loss

    • Increased confidence

    • Stabilized mood

    • Decrease in depression symptoms

    • Decrease in anxiety

    • Established healthy habits - it gets easier with time and the once uncomfortable new routine is very much my preferred norm


Compounded consistency drives results. The longer you follow your routine, the more your results compound. Consistency also allows us to have flexibility with little consequence.

Commitment + consistency = results

Up next: Survival mode after having a baby



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I enjoy your posts & candidness about discipline, counting macros, & what it takes to create change; repitition is key to learning. I’m excited to stay the course, trust the process and see the results!

Teresa Hawkins

I love your content on TikTok. Can you let me know what info your ebook contains? Thanks.

Jen Albers

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