I went into “peak week” prepared so no drastic measures were needed. The week was about rest and recovery. It was nothing like people had talked about so please use this as an example that everyone’s prep is different and that it doesn't have to be a hell week. I was relieved that the work was done and that I was physically ready. It was odd toning down the workouts and having more rest days but I followed my coaches' instructions. The toughest part of the week was overcoming any mentals doubts and insecurities.

Show Check-in 

Here is my recap:

Weight: 130.0 lbs
Macros: Decreased carbs back down but had a nice energy bump from yesterday's volume.
Notes: Increased cardio to 40 minutes and water intake to 2 gallons. It was tough to drink that much water but the mission was completed.
Weight: 129.8 lbs
Macros: I was hungry today and there was a lot of temptation but I remained strong. No delicious donuts, pizza or cake from my son’s birthday. 2 gallons / H20
Notes: I did my cardio and posing in the morning and hosted a party in the afternoon. I definitely exerted more energy than normal which made me extra hungry.
TMI paragraph (this is your warning to skip): I started spotting so my cycle appears to be here now but 1 week late. I’m unable to go #2 which is getting concerning as it’s been very little relief over the past 5 days. Eeeek. My tummy rumbled as I wrote this so hopefully it’s getting the message to pass everything along! My posing coach said this issue is pretty common. I take fiber and a GI supplements. This has been a common cycle during prep.
Weight: 127.6 lbs
Macros: Holding at the same macros and pushed another 2 gallons of water. I’m hungry. Rice cakes bring me joy which is concerning! Haha
Notes: My workout was very focused but light weight for glutes and hamstrings.
Weight: 127.4 lbs
Macros: No changes to macros or water
Notes: I had my last posing lesson before my show. I adore Tamara and I am so grateful for her. We had a nice pep talk today.
My energy was really low by afternoon. I was in bed by 8pm.

Weight: 128.6 lbs
Macros: Macros remained the same but water decreased to 1.5 gallons
Notes: Light cardio + posing; no abs or lifting
Weight: 129 lbs
Macros: Added carbs (250g total) and 1 gallon of water
Notes: Cardio, light shoulder lift and posing. I highly recommend creating a packing checklist in your notes on your phone that you can use each time for competitions. This kept me organized and ensured that I did not forget anything. I checked into the hotel to get comfortable and make sure I got rest.
Friday AM check-in
Weight: Brought the scale and forgot to hop on
Macros: Decreased carbs by 50g
Notes: No activity. I rested in bed. My first coat of tan was in the afternoon. I was unaware that you tan in the nude with all of the other competitors. You stand in front of a fan naked drying with your bum out. It was a humbling experience. The check-in meeting was at 4pm and we received a warm welcome from Muscle Contest. Terrick, the head judge, told us about how many tell him that they will compete some day but never do. He said we are the 1% and called us 'the brave ones.' His welcome was empowering.
I measured 5’6” 1/4 so I moved up in two height classes (Novice and Open). This is also when you purchase pictures, tickets and receive your number. I got 74 which I took as a good omen since Tamara always used 7 as my number during lessons.
I was able to walk on stage in my heels after check-in. I highly recommend this for any competitor. I left the meeting feeling excited and ready. I couldn't stop smiling.
My coach, Austin, and Tamara met me in my room in the evening to practice posing and to check in. We had a great visit and it was nice for my coaches to meet in person. We FaceTimed with Nic as well to formalize our show day plan.
I went to bed knowing that I was ready and that I would be well supported for my debut.
Friday PM check-in (post tan)
Up next: Show time, baby!
Bicep Blonde
Trainer / Coach: Austin Meason
Nutrition Coach: Nic Durso
Posing CoachTamara Jordan
Shoes + Bracelets: The Shoe Fairy
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