Prep and Show #3

Prep and Show #3

Prep was far more difficult than my first two and the show experience left me feeling like Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh.

Why was it harder? We significantly cut carbs the last weeks of prep. I was at 175g going into my last 2 shows but decreased to 100g for a few weeks. For macro reference, I lost weight and maintained at 200g carbs from October to March. My body likes carbs but always remember we are all unique so marco numbers vary by individual.

It was hard at 150g, more difficult at 125g and exhausting at 100g. If you don’t compete, this doesn’t mean much but I went into the 1400 calorie range. My cardio was at 40 min so I was netting around 1000 calories less what I burned while lifting. If you’re a pro, this would be a lot of calories but I am an amateur. I am a natural athlete and the decrease was very challenging for me.

In regards to the show, long story short, I was flat. I needed more carbs going into Saturday. I looked better and fuller before show day. My timing was off and I knew it when I woke up. This realization quickly induced anxiety and insecurity.

I was so proud going into this show knowing that I was more developed in the glutes and shoulders. It didn’t feel that way on show day. My six pack missed the memo. I looked soft and mentally, I failed to shake it.

I was already nervous about the impressive stage at the venue (legit theater) and stunning setup. Being on stage is still intimidating and the reality is that lacking confidence affects your placement. You have to hit the stage believing you are a winner and that you belong under those lights.

I didn’t feel that way on show day.

This is the second time that I’ve panicked before going on stage as the expeditors advised the routine expectation. Front, back, front was the instruction. I had practiced a full routine and a short routine so this confused me. I kept telling myself to do my normal routine with fast transitions but that’s not what happened when I walked into the box (and for the record that is what I should have done). I psyched myself out.

The stage did not have carpet either so I was paranoid about slipping. Instead of reminding myself that I had practiced on wood floor majority of solo sessions, I feared the floor. 

I am purposefully disclosing these two things because I want you to be prepared if you’re competing. Things can be different than you practice but you have to remain calm. Or things can be the same as you practice but you can trick yourself into thinking they are different.

I don’t blame anyone but myself for these variables as I should feel confident enough in my routine to adjust it on the fly. I failed to remain relaxed. My anxiety robbed me of enjoying my moment on stage. I had practiced on wood floors but didn’t believe in myself when it came to doing it at show time. No matter the variables, the show must go on. You must remain composed and quickly dismiss any “mistakes.”

I was more developed and the professional photos are evidence of the glute gains. My core looked soft and judges’ feedback confirmed it. I was praised for my poise and stage presence though. This was such an amazing compliment especially if we rewind to my first posing session. The head judge said “I remember watching you come out confident and poised.”

This certainly wasn’t how I felt but I’m relieved I concealed my insecurities better than I thought.

2nd show April 23 vs. 3rd show June 25

2nd Place

+35 Masters Class C


3rd Place
Open Class E

I was grateful for my placements but disappointed with myself. I was frustrated and sad about the timing issue despite earning medals. I wasn't my best and friends, sometimes this is what happens.

So what do you do when the show experience didn’t match your expectation?  Give up and never go again OR put it in more work and go back? I’m choosing the latter. I am working on furthering my development and confidence before I return to show. The plan is to work hard for the next 4 months and come back better late this year. I don’t want to hit the stage until I believe I am a winner. This belief comes from within but I will do the work required physically and mentally to make certain I am ready.

Up next: Food. Revisiting how to change your diet for the better


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