Rest Days

Rest Days

Do I workout 7 days a week?

No, I don’t and no, I didn’t during my transformation. Luckily, Coach Austin is an advocate of rest days. Sunday is typically my day with no activity and Saturday is only abs and cardio. When I first started out, I only worked out a few times a week for the first 60 days.

Last July, when I started lifting 5 days a week, I would do cardio one day on the weekend. In October 2021, when I changed my food and increased cardio, we maintained one rest day with no activity.

Coach says “Rest days are important for multiple reasons: injury prevention, muscle growth, and aided recovery are just a few.”

I will admit that anytime I went 7 days a week, I would end up with a plantar fasciitis mini flair up or my knee would act up. This would set me back as we would have to reduce weight and modify exercises for a time period.

I lost 40 lbs without any injury but the few times I encountered discomfort were after missing my designated rest day. This wasn’t a coincidence. The handful of times were 100% due to overuse.

When you’re first starting your new regimen, it’s overwhelming to commit to even 5 days of working out but I assure you that once it becomes a part of your lifestyle, it’s hard to take days off. You must rest your body and do not feel guilty about it!

I rely on my workouts to release stress and all of those happy endorphins. Being at the gym makes me feel good but 7 days a week will do more harm than good.

Are you starting out?

Commit to a schedule and have planned rest days. As you increase your activity make sure to have a minimum of one day off to allow your body to properly recover.


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Trainer & Coach: Austin Meason

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I love reading your blog. It is real and I like that. I follow a lot of fitness people to keep motivated but also to gain insight on their personal training or what they eat but I find they can be hard to figure out. Your posts and your blog is simple and to the point. It is a true journey.


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