Show #2

Show #2

Fresno Classic on 4/23/2022

I woke up at 7:15 before my alarm. It is always a great feeling to wake up on your own. Last weekend required an early wake up call however this show combined pre-judging and finals for women with a start time of 2pm. This schedule completely changed the show day feel however it only made me more relaxed and provided ample time to enjoy the morning.


My first meal was 3 oz of yams, 25 g of egg whites and a few peanuts.

I walked to the nearest Starbucks for a double espresso and headed to to hair and make up at 9am. Elaine worked her magic for the second Saturday in a row. She is truly a talented artist. It was a little chaotic as a hairstylist didn’t show up so she was shorted handed. Several competitors helped curl hair to ensure everyone was done up. It was a true act of generosity and sportsmanship. 
I returned to my room for another check-in video and two more meals. Meal Two was 3 oz chicken, 70 grams of jasmine rice and some peanuts for fat. The third meal was 25g egg whites, 2 rice cakes and 1 tbsp of peanut butter. In case I've failed to mention this, most competitors are not drinking water on show day. You drink sips throughout the day but intake is minimal.
The other part of the experience that was different was that I was alone for the weekend so while I enjoyed my slow morning, I was bored.  My first show I had Tamara (posing Coach) backstage and almost 15 people at the show including my coach, Austin, my siblings, friends and fellow Own the Stage competitors. 
I was itching to go so I headed to the venue early. The Bikini tanning block for a second coat started at 1:30pm with the women’s pre-judging kicking off at 2pm. I was able to tan around 1pm and made sure that I was darker than the previous weekend. I nibbled on some rice cakes and practicing posing while all of the competitors tickled in.
All of the women were in a holding area pumping up and practicing. It was very load and chaotic. This area was separate from backstage which was also different from my first show. To help me remain calm and focused, I did wear my AirPods. As we got closer to going on stage, I removed one to ensure I could hear the expeditors.

Unfortunately there was no service at the venue so I couldn’t reach my coaches. I felt secure but I did want validation that I was pumped up enough. I finally got 30 seconds of FaceTime with my coach Austin. I was sending videos and texts to my team however I didn't realize that every messaged failed to go through until after the show was done.
When it was time for Bikini to begin, all masters competitors were taken backstage. I did my full routine for +35 and then comparisons. I was moved to the outside during comparisons but returned back to the second place position. I felt very proud that I was moved back as the other competitor looked great. I will also admit that I didn't realize what place that was during the judging however I was simply pleased I was moved back toward center.
+35 Masters Class

If you're preparing to complete, the best advice that I can provide is to make sure you go as slow as possible on stage. Be deliberate with your eye contact and gestures. While you're on stage, looking into the eyes of the judges,  thinking "they probably want me to do be done now," ignore that feeling and tell yourself that it's your time. 30 seconds feels like an eternity once you hit the box. I was slower and more expressive at my second show however I still did my routine too fast. OWN THE STAGE and channel your sexiest sloth.
Side Pose
I then competed in Novice and Open. Because I had already completed my full routine, I entered the stage for comparisons. This means you skip your short routine and go straight to the line with the rest of the competitors. Anyone that has not yet done their full routine goes first in the class and then everyone else joins on stage. If it's everyone's' first time on stage, the line up is done alphabetically.  I was in the center for Novice and toward the outside for Open.
Open Class E
After all classes were finished they immediately restarted the women’s show for finals. I asked the expeditor if we were to do our full routine since we never did our short routines and he replied “front and back pose.” I replied by confirming that I’d do my full routine and he said no. I ended up doing my short routine when it should have been my full one. I was annoyed with myself because I know that for both pre-judging and finals, you always do your full routine and then anytime on stage after that requires the short routine. I felt silly on the side stage as I watched my sisters perform their full routine but it honestly wasn’t a huge deal. It was my error and I knew better. Never again!
Awards went fast which meant less standing in position which was a relief! Here were the results:
+35 Masters:          2nd Place
Novice Class D:     1st Place
Open Class E:        3rd Place
1st Place Novice Class D

Because I won my Novice class, I will no longer be able to compete in the category. Moving forward I will be showing in Masters and Open.
It was truly exciting to win a class. I was relieved and grateful. I was also stoked about my second place as the women all looked amazing in Masters.
Another show confession is that I try not to pay attention to who is in my class. I strive to maintain 'racehorse blinder' vision and only focus on me. I honestly didn't know who I was competing against in Novice or Open. I knew my +35 Masters class only because we were in such close proximity to each other backstage. There have been several times that I didn't realize someone was on stage with me until I looked at photos. I recommend this way of thinking because it doesn't matter who is on stage with you. It doesn't matter if you perceive someone to be more fit or that they pose better as you never know how the judging will go. Remember, the contest is about you beating you. 
Is it your first time competing? Congratulations! You did! YOU GOT ON STAGE! THIS IS AN AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT! Regardless of placing, it is a victory. 
Is it your second show or tenth? Congratulations! You were brave again! You returned to show off further improvements and brought a better presentation.
It is so easy to try to compare yourself to the other women however you must fight the urge. 
I wish that my coaches and loved ones had seen me win in person but I was honestly happy to compete alone. There was something so peaceful about being solo. I had no worries about any expectations or feeling like I was letting anyone down. Plus, no one knew what mistakes I made except for the people there. You all only know because I choose to openly write about them. Lucky!
It was a little lonely after the show so I got some pictures with my medals and headed out.
I enjoyed a delicious dinner with Elaine. It was such an honor to speak with her about her time as a pro and talk about my goals. The pizza I had was delicious and I wasn’t disappointed unlike last weekend. I took a donut dessert back to my hotel and enjoyed it on the bed. It was glorious!
Thank you to Muscle Contest and Spectrum Fitness Productions for hosting my second show. I look forward to judges' feedback and making continuous improvements.
Up Next: How did I transform? Because everyone wants to know "how I did it."
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