Mom weight loss journey: Who the f^*k is that in the mirror?

April 2021

We all want instant results yet we all gained weight gradually. It didn’t happen over night and in fact, we likely didn’t even notice.

But when it comes to losing lbs, we expect that it will happen quickly. The reality is that to lose the weight, you must simply change what habits you’re consistently doing every day and let those actions compound.

I gained weight over several years after having my son. I breastfed for over a year and ate a ton during this time. After I stopped, I kept eating. I drank a cappuccino everyday, skipped breakfast and ate out any meal that I had. I took my son for walks but I wasn’t exercising. I was in survival mode. Food and alcohol were my coping mechanisms. Work was stressful, so I would drink wine nightly. If my son was challenging, I needed to treat myself to a cheeseburger and fries. Food brought me comfort but over time, it stuck with me.

I need to be very clear. I don’t regret it and I honestly don’t know if I could have survived any other way during those early years. Yes, I could have done some things differently to be healthier but my priorities were my family and getting through each day. I was a working mom, caring for my son at home and attempting to run a household. Something had to give and it was me.

I only regret not getting more help so that I could have taken better care of me.  This doesn’t mean that I would have been at the gym everyday but I would have had some personal time.

It was my experience that 'survival mode' lasted several years. I cannot comment on multiple children as I only had one. It was my personal experience and observation that most moms struggled during this time. If you're in it, please know that it's normal. The days are long but the months and years pass quickly.

My son was over 3 when I decided that I was ready to get back in shape. 

Mamas, I know the feeling to not recognize the woman in the mirror. 

I vividly remember minimizing the importance of my appearance to not only myself but to loved ones. I was very vocal that it 'didn't matter.'  I deleted majority of candid photos or took a lot of pictures to 'get a good one.' Most of the pictures that I post from this time period were never shared. The woman that I saw in my head did not match. I said that I didn't care but I was embarrassed. 

Having young children and living in survival mode is a chapter of life. We should strive to enjoy it, embrace our bodies and exercise grace and compassion towards our selves. It's okay to carry some extra weight. You are still beautiful. Do your best to establish good habits and know that when it is time, you can build the best body that you've ever had. 

I got you, Mama.


April 2022


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