Introducing … TheTransformation Program

Introducing … TheTransformation Program

When you witness someone transform, there are two questions that likely come to mind. How did they do it? Can I do it too?

I am a firm believer that anyone is capable of a transformation. It requires a full commitment and consistency but it is 100% possible.

I transformed because I adopted a new lifestyle. I started counting macros, I followed a structured workout program and walked on the treadmill. The small decisions I made everyday compounded over months to get me into the best shape of my life (full blog post here).

I started documenting my journey on January 1, 2022 because I concluded that anyone that wanted to change was fully capable of it. I was okay with allowing the world to see the process in hopes that I might motivate others to go for it.

There are thousands of transformation stories and resources out there but I personally wanted to try to make an impact. I chose to document my journey without filters and kept it real. My goal was to showcase what is attainable through hard work and consistency.

I started my journey at 167 lbs (5’6”) and stabilized at 132 lbs before I cut for my first bodybuilding show.

Diet is critical to weight loss. You must operate at a caloric deficit to shed pounds. No workouts will save you from eating garbage. This program doesn’t cover nutrition (stay tuned for a future add-on but more information on macros here) but does provide the details of the other two critical pillars of success.

The Bicep Blonde Transformation Program includes my daily workouts, ab exercises and cardio schedule. This program was designed by my coach, Austin Meason, and is what we’ve followed for the past 9 months with only slight variations.

Can you achieve results by doing the same weekly workouts? Well, I am the results of this program so my vote is a strong yes.

The program includes an at-home and gym version for each workout. I strongly encourage following the gym edition as this is what I used for my results. I fully recognize not everyone can make it to the gym so it was really important to me that we curate something for everyone.

If you’re looking to change, there’s no magic wand to make it happen over night. It’s going to take time. Accept it. If you are ready, you must acknowledge that this will be a process. There are stages and it’s important to celebrate your successes. Work to be confident throughout the process regardless of weight or body composition.

Just remember, compounded consistency. All of the good compounds over months. Your sacrifices do add up, even if they don’t seem significant in the moment. Lifting weights, walking on the treadmill, declining alcohol, bringing meal prep to gatherings, passing on desserts, etc. Every bad habit that you break and replace with a healthier habit gets you closer to your goal. The game isn’t over if you indulge or miss a workout but the goal is to be as consistent as you possibly can. You should enjoy a refeed meal once a week but that doesn’t mean an entire weekend. You can enjoy a glass of wine as long as it’s within your macros. Once you meet your goal and stabilize, you have more flexibility if you want it.

Be consistent.
Snap before and after photos; they don’t need to be made public (Blog post here)
Be proud that you are choosing to change. It isn’t easy but you can reach your goal. The before and after photos will help you see the small changes from week to week.
Create a checklist and hold yourself accountable to your lift and cardio (Blog here)
Take your rest day(s).

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